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Cross Fit Studio – The best gym in Patna was established in 2015 with the motive to make India fit and disease free. We never wanted this to be just one of the another gym, our dream was to reach each and every individual and make them healthy with the help of our fitness centre. We took the responsibility to spread the awareness about fitness in today’s fast growing and running world.

‘New India needs fit Individual. ‘– Mr Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India. We also believe in this and now gradually each & every Indian is understanding the benefits & importance of fitness and exercise. As We are Progressing in the 21st Century, we are depending highly on technologies & Machines to enhance the quality of work, save the time & labour. We are running in the race to develop but losing our health in this race. Cross Fit Studio also dream of Developed India but with a dream of Fit India too.
-Divyanshu Shekhar

We worked very hard in making people realise the effects of exercise on their health. The biggest difficulty in our way was the myths that was being spread about workout in the society from long time. Like people thinks that exercise is just for being muscularor weight loss. We were ready to face every challenge coming ahead of us in making India fit. So, We started spreading the right knowledge and slowly it changed the mindset of people.
-Abhinav Pandey

In just 3 Years of our hard work & dedication, Cross Fit Studio was awarded the title of Best Gym in Patna from RED FM. We are very thankful to everyone who showed so much of trust & voted for us. We have changed the overall health Personality of more than 5000 People & we are never going to stop till every individual of India is fit and healthy. Right now with the help of all our dedicated CFS Trainers, Dietician & the healthy environment we are on the position that if you search ‘ Best Gym Near me’ , ‘Best Gym In Patna’ , ‘Best Gym in Patliputra Colony’ , ‘Best Gym In AG Colony ‘ , ‘Best Weight Loss Gym in Patna’, ‘Best Strength Training/ Muscle Building Gym in Patna’, ‘ Best Aerobics Centre ‘, ‘Best Unisex Gym in Patna’ , ‘Best Ladies Gym in Patna’, ‘Best Gym near me at low Price’, ‘Best Gym Trainer In Patna’, ‘Best Gym in Boring Road,’ etc. only CROSS FIT STUDIO Will be the result on your screen.

TRAINERS – ‘To challenge your limits’.

We have got all certified CFS Trainers who will guide you throughout your training. We don’t train you in a group or give you the same training & exercises others are doing on the floor. Our CFS trainers are best for a reason. They design a specialized training program for each of our Crossfitian according to their age, goals, current body condition & Metabolism. Our CFS Trainers guides each Crossfitian. We give special attention to Old Age clients & ladies.

We have strictly banned the system of Personal training in our Gym. Cross Fit Studio wants to make sure that money never becomes the barrier between you & your health. So we give proper attention to all the clients & so you will never feel the need to pay anything extra for Personal Training.

Our Trainers will always help you to push your limits & will retrieve the best out of you.


We regularly take the assessment of your progress in order to ensure your time to time progress & to make further fitness Programs and Diet Plans. Cross Fit Studio- ‘The best Unisex Gym in Patna’ believes that fitness is not defined by the weighing scales. There are many more important factors which determines your Body health. We focus on all the important aspects apart from your body weight such as Subcutaneous Fat (External Fat under Skin), Visceral Fat (Internal Fat around inner organs), Body Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Mass Index(BMI), Body Age (B. Age), Muscle Mass etc.

All your Fitness Training Programmes made by our Certified CFS Trainers & Diet Plans made by our Personal Dietician is based on these evaluation test of your Body. Body Evaluation Test is conducted twice a month to watch out your results.

DIETICIAN – ‘What you eat defines your Health’.

‘70% of your result depends on your Nutrition’.

Cross Fit Studio- ‘The best Gym in Patna’ located at Patliputra Colony & AG Colony have specialized Experienced Personal Dietician. Our Dietician makes Personalized Diet Chart for each of our Crossfitian on the basis of their body evaluation test. The Diet Plan consists balanced diet according to your goal to make you fit & strong.

All the essential components required for your body such as Proteins, Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats, Fibres, Minerals & Vitamins in the right amount & on the right time according to your current body metabolism.


We are not just a gym, we are the best fitness brand of Patna. All the equipments in Cross Fit Studio are branded and well maintained. It feels great to exercise on our comfortable machines & in no time you will start loving the workout. We have different equipments for different levels of Crossfitians i.e. for beginners, intermediate & advanced. Our Trainers guides everyone accordingly.

Since we have different kinds of training Programs,We are well equipped for all kinds of Training. We have numbers of different cardio equipments, Strength Training equipments, CrossFit Training equipments such as battling ropes, climbing ropes and many advanced equipments which will add more fun to your workout. We ensure you that all infrastructure is well efficient & will give you result faster.


‘Everything is in the mind’, truly said. Environment plays the vital role in our health & its progress. Our body is capable of what our mind believes we are capable of doing. So being the best unisex gym in Patna, we give the proper attention to ensure the soothing, energetic & motivating environment.

Our main concern in Cross FIT STUDIO Gym is to give safe environment to all our members especially to the ladies because there are still many women in India who are deprived of health & fitness due to unsafe environment in most of the fitness centres. We strictly monitor these things & work regularly regarding safety & wellness and as the result of such care, Cross Fit Studio have got more than 60-70 % of ladies’ clients. Whenever you will visit our training floor at any time even at 10 PM, you will find ladies working out to be fit. It really gives immense pleasure to see that the women’s in India are now coming ahead for their health & fitness.

WHY CROSS FIT STUDIO GYM? – ‘Still any doubt !!!’

The management of Cross Fit Studio regularly takes feedbacks from all our Crossfitian about our Trainers, Dietician, Environment, Fitness floors etc. Cross Fit Studio – ‘The best unisex gym in Patna’ gives proper attention to all the aspects of your fitness. We don’t limit ourselvesto weight loss/Weight Gain, Muscle Building etc. Our dream is to make India Fit & healthy which can only be fulfilled if you are mentally fit as well as disease free apart from being physically strong.

We Promise to give you all the facilities including energetic & soothing ambience so that you will start loving Workout. Being fit is the necessity of today’s world.

Let’s make India Fit & Healthy together.

‘Stop thinking start doing’

Our Happy Clients