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Body Transformation


Cross Fit Studio Gym will help you to transform your body according to your personal fitness goal in a very heathy & hygienic atmosphere. Your goal may vary i.e Muscle building / Weight loss/Gain , but the credibility of the Patna's Best Gym Cross Fit Studio's result will always be constant. CFS certified trainers will frame your fitness plan and regularly monitor it with the proper NUTRITION CONSULTANCY by our Personal Dietician. We will not only transform you, We will retrieve the best version of yourself in our Fitness Centre Cross Fit Studio.


Functional Training


Cross Fit Studio Gym has always been Result Oriented. Hence, We have introduced U.S based Functional Training to give you fast and healthy results. Functional Training uses your body as the resistance to cut off the unwanted fat. It ensures that the weight loss which you aim comes purely from the Substaneuos & Visceral fat and you retain your strong Muscles. Cardio only burns your Calories while you are using its equipments i.e, Treadmills, Cycles, Cross Spin etc. whereas Functional Training boosts up your Heart Rate for the next 24-40 hrs which helps in constant burning of Fat from your body. So get ready to exercise differently With our U.S based Functional Training and shread off your bumpy fats in the best Gym of Patna Cross Fit Studio located at Patliputra & AG Colony.


Muscle Building


Cross Fit Studio has Specialised Trainers who have Participated and Won various Bodybuilding Championships & knows all the scientific nature of Muscles. They will help you to Gain Muscles with their Proper Knowledge and Sheer Experience in a Natural Way. Since 99% of the Gyms gives wrong information regarding Muscle Gain and suggests alot of Supplements & Steroids Cycle. Cross Fit Studio will help you to achieve your physique goal in a healthy way with Proper Training & Nutrition. Gaining Muscles and increasing your Biceps & Chest size isn't so tricky if you are in the exposure of Proper Guidance and here in the Best Gym of Patna We ensure you this. Our CFS Trainers will help you to gain Muscles with the Proper Workout & Diet Plan according to your Body & Metabolism.


Weight Loss/Gain


Cross Fit Studio unlike other Gyms believes Weight Loss/Gain is much beyond just the Weighing Scale Measurements. We consider Weight Gain as Muscle Gain as it's totally waste to gain Fat in order to Gain Weight. Vice Versa, Weight loss as the Fat Loss as it's unhealthy to loose Muscles as it gives us Strength and Proper Physique. Weight Loss/Gain depends significantly on the Diet which you intake apart from the Training. Hence, Here at Cross Fit Studio, We Provide you a Personal Diet Plan by our Certified Dietician based on all the important Nutrients such as Proteins, Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats, Fibres, Minerals & Vitamins according to your goal and Body Metabolism. Cross Fit Studio which is awarded the 'Best Gym of Patna' recognises that the duration to achieve your Fitness Goal is significant. Hence , We have introduced Guaranteed Weight Loss/Gain Plans for all of you. We ensures your Fitness Goal to be accomplished in the limited time.


Crossfit Training


The name of our Gym tells you alot about CrossFit Training. As Cross Fit Studio is the best Gym of Patna , Crossfit Training is the best exercise of our overall physical health. Crossfit Training includes all the high intensity functional workouts which will give you a lean & shredded physique. It will give you real physical strength & also helps in becoming more flexible and agile. Crossfit Training is best suited for everyone regardless their goals. It acts as a catalyst in Weight loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Building, Sports performance etc. Our certified CFS Trainers will make different Crossfit Training routine for each of you on the basis of your age, present health condition. Cross Fit Studio is the only Gym in Patna located at Patliputra & A.G Colony which have all the important equipments related to Crossfit Training. You will definately take your body on the next level with Crossfit Training in the best Gym of Patna under certified CFS Trainers.


Aerobics Training


We as the best Gym of Patna believes in result with this We also try to make the exercises more fun & exciting for our Crossfitians. So keeping this in mind, We also have Certified CFS Trainers who give regular Aerobics Session in the Gym. Aerobics combines rhythmic exercises which includes Cardio, Strength Training, Stretching etc. It boosts up the Heart Rate and improves Metabolism. Hence, it is one of the best suited exercise for Weight Loss, Stamina Buildup & bringing agility in the body. Cross Fit Studio understands that being Healthy isn't all about having good physique, Internal heath is the key to remain fit. Aerobics improves the function of Lungs & Heart which prevents us from many fatal diseases such as Respiratory & Heart Problems. Being the best Gym of Patna from several years, We ensure you to take overcall care of you & your health .


Power Yoga


'Everything is in the mind' , We often hear this in our lives and Cross Fit Studio totally admits this. For be physically fit our mind needs to healthy first & Yoga is the key to improve our mental health. We are proud of Yoga as it is our own Indian exercise which World is accepting & understanding it's importance now. So, We the best Gym of Patna is moving further as we have some of the best Power Yoga trainers who will provide sessions regularly in the Gym. Power Yoga is the intense & rigorous form of Yoga. It burns more calories and thus it also helps in Weight Loss. All the Yoga Asans are beneficial for our mental & physical health. Power Yoga also improves our flexibility & perfects our Body Posture. It is very helpful for lower back pain as it straighten our Spine. Join Cross Fit Studio and give your body all the benifits of Power Yoga. Let's get together to put Power Yoga ahead in the World as the best exercise for our healthy life.


Pain Relief Workouts


Everyone of us often hear a famous quote ' No Pain No Gain' . We 'Cross Fit Studio' the Best Gym of Patna also believes in this but we don't stop here. We move one step ahead and focusses on different kinds of Pain Relief Workouts for your Sore Body & this is something which makes us the best place to Workout . The DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is common after a intense Workout Session, but our Specialized CFS Trainers make it easy for you with Proper Stretching , Massages & Yoga Asana to set you free from DOMS. Here at Cross Fit Studio Gym, We also have different forms of Exercises which gives you relief in Neck Pain , Lower Back Pain , Muscle Soreness , Muscle Strain , Stiff Body etc. Feel free to join Cross Fit Studio Gym, if you are suffering from any kind of Body Pain. We don't only focusses on Weight Loss & Weight Gain , to give you a healthy & Pain Free Body is our Priority.