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Functional Training in Patna

Cross Fit Studio Gym has always been Result Oriented. Hence, We have introduced U.S based Functional Training to give you fast and healthy results.

Functional Training uses your body as the resistance to cut off the unwanted fat.
It ensures that the weight loss which you aim comes purely from the Substaneuos & Visceral fat and you retain your strong Muscles. Cardio only burns your Calories while you are using its equipments i.e, Treadmills, Cycles, Cross Spin etc. whereas Functional Training boosts up your Heart Rate for the next 24-40 hrs which helps in constant burning of Fat from your body. So get ready to exercise differently With our U.S based Functional Training and shread off your bumpy fats in the best Gym of Patna Cross Fit Studio located at Patliputra & AG Colony.